An Anti Exploit which is much awaited by the market is being launched by popular Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes Anti Exploit is promising to seal up the most feared security gaps in our browsers and applications like PDF reader and Microsoft Office.

Vulnerabilities even in the world’s most popular programs are always been discussed. These vulnerabilities are in-built in the code of the application to deliver malware. There’s been malicious software removal programs available in the market known as antiviruses or antispywares. However nothing was available to check these vulnerabilities which are eating up huge amount of data from corporates, government establishments and home users. There’s been constant discussion about security holes in windows xp. Windows XP is left aside by Microsoft itself. The fact is there is a huge section of users still running upon XP.

An Anti-Exploit which is much awaited by the market is being launched by popular Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes Anti Exploit is promising to seal up the most feared security gaps in our browsers, PDF reader applications and much used Microsoft Office Applications.

Applications assisting to work has become a tool for hackers to invade our privacy. Hackers comes through the browsers or via most common applications like Microsoft Office and PDF readers etc. It surely is a giant step to re-instate the security. Malwarebytes Anti Exploit is all set to work as a major check to promise the computer users that their information will remain safe.

Malywarebytes Anti Exploit

Malwarebytes Anti Exploit is believed to be acquired by them as when they bought ZeroVulnerabilityLabs last year. They have been successfully running the beta release of the application. Results of beta release of Malwarebytes Anti Exploit are quite positive. This surely ensures a new era of technology where once again the security systems are going to strive.

The Free version of Anti-Exploit is offering protection for various known and popular browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. Free version also offers a Java shield to much of the relief. The paid version is however better equipped with Shield on PDF readers, Microsoft Word, excel and powerpoint, shied for various famous media players like VLC Player, Windows Media Player, Quick time player and winamp. The cost of paid version is kept at 24.95 USD.

There is also available an enterprise deployment and management console to manage bigger networks. This is a part of Business version of Anti-Exploit.

Malwarebytes Anti Exploit is going to offer 3 layers of security around the applications. These security layer prevents exploits from compromising vulnerabilities codes. It is also said to be compatible with most of the Antivirus systems available today.

If it works as is being discussed, Malwarebytes Anti Exploit would be remarkable for preventing zero-day vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities were previously known as unpatched software flaws. Most of the exploits launches malicious or vulnerable code on your computer as soon as these applications are executed. Exploites combined with zero-day flaws have been successful in targeting massive multinational corporations, financial institutions, and critical infrastructure, as well as private individuals.

It blocks attempts to bypass the operating-system level security, protects against exploits executing from the computer’s memory, and halts payloads that can install malware.