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Best Data Recovery Services in New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon

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Our extensive data recovery services in New Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon (gurugram) offer corporate level solution to any incident of data loss. We offer following data recovery solutions to various corporates:

  • Hard Drive Recovery
  • Apple Mac Data Recovery
  • NAS Data Recovery
  • Database Data Recovery
  • Deleted Files Data Recovery
  • Email data recovery
  • USB Flash Disk Data recovery
  • Laptop Data Recovery

Turn-Key Data Recovery Solutions New Delhi NCR

Our expert team gives you a turn-key solution, which includes data recovery and restoration of your valuable softwares, functionality, access and restoration of operating system. Our data recovery solution supports data loss based upon various platforms like:

  • Data recovery from windows Client / Server based desktop or laptop computers
  • Data recovery from Linux based desktop / laptop and serversData recovery from Mac Computers
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If you are facing any business loss due to data failure, you can call us @ +91 11 49052909 and we offer you a free evaluation at your office. We do not charge you anything unless your data is recovered as committed.

Risk of Data Loss

In recent past Delhi NCR has become one fo the fastest growing economic regions and showing exponential growth in IT sector. As per the stats published in (click here for full stats) over 90% of computer users still risk data loss. Almost 35% of computer owners have never backed up their computer and stand a chance of loosing their data anytime. If you are looking for a reliable computer backup solution, we can help you and we are just a call away.

risk of data loss

With our wide array of expertise we can successfully treat any data loss scenario, including:

  • Recovery from hard disk drives with media failures
  • Data recovery from physically damaged external hard drives
  • Data damage due to extensive virus damage
  • Data loss due to Operating System Failure
  • Data recovery from hard drives that are not being detected.

What to do when your storage fails to deliver data

The common mistake that computer users commit is to run unprofessional data recovery softwares in a bid to recover data in haste. The cause of data recovery is very crucial to determine the best possible solution. The drive or media sometimes are so fragile that any experimentation leads to a complete irrecoverable data loss. It is always recommend to approach a professional data recovery agency to help you recover your lost data.

The best approach in case of data recovery is to completely shut down your device and to not to attempt any access towards the failed storage.

Confidentiality of Your Data

confidentiality of data

Most of the time, the storage device required data recovery is to be taken out from your network. Since the process of recovery involves a step wise approach, which mostly is a time consuming process. We assure our customers 100% confedtiality of the data entrusted upon by signing non disclosure agreement. The agreement clearly states that the recovered data will only be copied upon the storage device owned by the customer. Any intermediate backup will immediately be deleted after confirming with the client.

Data recovery is a sensitive task and we professionally take care of every aspect associated with it. We strive hard to maintain above 90% of success rate in data recovery. We follow strict guidelines to ensure the safety of media through the recovery process. You can contact us at our customer support number anytime during office hours to check the status of recovery. We adhere by the timeline committed to deliver the recovered data. Any unforeseen delay is well informed in advance and we ensure that necessary approvals are taken before executing the final recovery process. We would always appreciate your honest feedback to better our effective disaster recovery road map.