How to Access the Google Play Store

All of the Android devices in market comes preloaded with Google Play Store Download. You could easily locate Google Play store Download on the first screen of your device, which comes as soon as the device is switched on. In case you do not see the icon for google play store on your home screen, you can easily search this in application screen.

Why so many apps are free, what is the catch?

Most of the apps that comes free are compensating the costs by showing advertisements to the user. Free apps also includes the option to pay for the app to remove ads.

On Google Play Store Download Centre, are Android apps Safe?

Various manufacturer have come up with cost effective tablets with their own play store with different names. It is highly recommended that you check the device that you are buying is from a reputed manufacturer and is pre loaded with google play store.

So as long as you download apps only from the Google Play Store, you should not have any problem related to your data security and valuable information on your device. As an added security you can scan the downloads with any known antivirus suite.

Can I Try the App before I Buy?

This completely is the choice of the App owner, mostly such kind of apps are launched as free and an advanced version is simultaneously available with more features and flexibility. Also if you have bought a wrong app or an app that is not desired, you can claim a refund from Google Play Store within 15 Minutes of your purchase.

What is the worth of User Review, are they really considerable?

Google Play Store comes with the valuable User Review section, which takes review from the user who has actually used the application. So if you are trying to download an application that works for you, you can estimate the usefulness by reading user reviews. It would give you a general overview of the application, its performance and acceptability.

How do you compare Google Apps with IOS, is IOS better?

Both App store has got the features of their own. So answer is yes and no at the same time. Few application in IOS are better but few others are better on Android. In terms of acceptance and usability the gap between both stores is minimal.

How to Update Apps on my Device?

Newer versions of Android Apps are notified to user and each time you go to Google Play Store, you can see a separate area displaying updates available.

While updating the app for the first time, you also get a checkbox which says to updated the app automatically. Once you check this option, your app version will be updated automatically as soon as you are connected to WiFi.

Do I need Account, if yes – Does one account works across devices
Yes you need an account which is to be opened up on Google Play Store, This account most of the time is your Gmail Id.

If you have multiple devices, you can use your purchased app on other devices as well without paying once again for them. For this, you just need to login with your Google Play Store ID on your device.

Can I Control My App Store from my PC ?

If you go to –, you can view various apps available. If you login to the link with your Google Play Store ID, you could see the Apps that you are currently using.

While downloading the app, you can check the compatibility of the app with your device and you can also decide which of your device should receive this app.

Since app could be sent through Push service from Google Play Store, your device will download the app, as soon as is switched on