All of us come across different kind of password-protected ebooks, journals and documents etc. This article describes as how to copy text from password protected files as These files are protected by the owner or by whoever created the file. You can access the file but the file does not allow you to make any changes or save the file in open editable format unless you have the password to unlock the file. You must have also tried various softwares to help you out from the situation but most of them proved to be spywares.

How to copy text from password protected files

There is still a way out by a simple workaround. Though you wont be able to copy images or charts from a password protected document but you can copy the entire text within the document or file.

Once you have the text imported or copied from the password protected files you could easily make changes in the layout like changing the text, increasing or decreasing the fonts and all layout changes etc.

Import password protected text in Microsoft Word

To get the text from a password protected file all you need to do is to open a new Microsoft Word document and click upon the insert tab. Now, as per the screenshot you can notice a white icon at the bottom-right of the Text section. Once you click on the arrow you will see option saying “Text from File”. You need to browse the protected file in your computer location and then click upon the insert. You should be able to import the entire text from the protected file. The text that you will get is in its original format and that would save your time in identifying the content in much better way.

You can now edit the content the way you edit any open or un-restricted file. Though you might just need to add images or create graphs to make your documents slightly more impressive.