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Wireless Network Solutions

Ace Computers brings superb wireless network solution for your Work has permanently moved out of the office and into the conference room, meeting room, home, airport, and hotel. To take advantage of this liberty, we are providing wireless networks and Wi-Fi hotspots for small business to stay a connect with co-workers, their customers, and their partners. You have the flexibility to stay productive no matter where you are with Intel® CentrinoTM mobile technology or DellTM technology or others.

Advantage of Wireless Network

The reputation of wireless networks is a devise primarily to their convenience, cost efficiency, and ease of integration with other networks and network device. There is less need for technical support in setting up due to their simple nature. The majority of computers sold to consumers today come pre-decorated with all necessary wireless LAN technology.

  Productivity – Users connected to a wireless network can maintain a nearly constant affiliation with their selected network as they move from one place to another place. For a business, this implies that an employee can potentially be more productive as his or her work can be accomplished from any convenient location.
  Mobility – With the egress of public wireless networks, users can access their internet even outside their work environment. Most chain coffee shops, for example, offer their customers a wireless connection to the internet at little or without cost in their premises.
  Convenience – The wireless temperament of such networks allows users to access their network resources from closely any suitable location within their primary networking environment.
  Deployment – Preparative setup of an infrastructure based wireless network requires a single access point. Wired networks, on the other hand, have the additional cost and complexity of actual physical cables being run to numerous locations.
  Cost – Wireless networking hardware equipment is at worst a modest increase from wired counterparts. This potentially increased cost is almost always more than outweighed by the savings in cost.