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Hosting MS Exchange

Ace Computers are providing a reliable e-mail management solution for your business on a reasonable cost. Microsoft Exchange hosting service for the reasons of cost, productivity, reliability, Convenience enhancing features, you can manage your business exchange hosting account through a user friendly web-based interface. It is not infrequent for IT staff or employees to forget to backup his or her data. Ace computers is providing reliable infrastructure, practices, and best support that make infallible that your data is not only safe but also available all the time from multiple locations, e-mail software, and browsers. We have some satisfied customers who are using our MS Exchange hosting services.

Perfect Hosted Exchange Features

Web Based Account Administration:- You can user through the web based control panel, individual users, the account administrator and can be add/delete mailboxes, contacts, groups, and edit user settings such as passwords, aliased, auto reply, forwarding option, filters, distribution Lists.

Support for Mail Protocols:- Protocols such as POP, IMAP, SMTP, RPC over HTTPS are also supported.

Email Archiving: Hosted Exchange Plus comprises integrated email archiving, discovery and retention capabilities.


Import Contacts from Multiple Sources: With Exchange users can merge contacts from multiple sources to provide a single view of a person, by linking contact information pulled from multiple locations including a social network such as LinkedIn and Gmail.


Data Loss Prevention (DLP): DLP capabilities help user to protect their sensitive data and make aware of internal compliance policies. DLP can help in preventing users from sending sensitive information to unauthorized people by mistake.